About Ponderosa Investment Group, LLC

Ponderosa Investment Group, LLC is a fee-only registered investment advisory firm based in Portland, Oregon.

We believe that the most important consideration for an entire investment portfolio is its asset allocation strategy. Asset allocation entails selecting the proper amount of investment to each asset class (Domestic stocks and bonds, International stocks and bonds, REIT’s , Currencies’, and other non-correlated assets). The client’s investment objective includes a target asset allocation which is based on various factors including liquidity needs, risk tolerances, time horizon, growth objectives, and income requirements. The optimal blend of asset classes is unique to each client.

A client’s portfolio is implemented using institutional mutual’s funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), individual bonds, and for clients that have higher marginal tax rates or large one-time taxable transaction we will us a separately managed account that incorporates a tax loss harvesting program to effectively increase after-tax performance to the client. We will integrate both passively and actively managed funds and ETFs within a client’s portfolio.

Ponderosa is a fee-only investment firm. thus reducing the conflicts of interest in helping you to achieve your financial goals. Investment advisory fees are based on a percentage of assets under management. We accept no referral fees, soft dollars, commissions, or other hidden cost associated with the money management industry.

Our clients include people and groups with emerging, new or existing wealth. The minimum portfolio size is usually $500,000. This however is flexible.